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Viacom Executive’s Guide to Getting Rich:

1. Lose a huge chunk of their audience by dropping an ENORMOUS service provider.

2. Lose millions as major advertisers decide pull out in response to smaller audience.

3. Cut many shows and perhaps a channel or two to compensate losses.

4. Overall net worth of company declines.

5. Bankruptcy becomes a threat.

6. Sell out to highest bidder pocketing millions on the way out.

7. Forget about all the employees that now have to rely on unemployment checks because of your dick move.

Viacom’s stunt is despicable. Don’t cave, DirecTV. There is literally no way that Viacom en masse will gain money from this.

Kim Jong Il Dead: Crazy Facts

I found this to be really intriguing, off the wall, and pretty relevant to the recent death of madman, Kim Jong Il. He reminds me of an Evil Confucius of Cinema that is armed to the brink with nuclear warheads. This guy was as much of a character as Moamarr Ghadafi. Maybe its a dictatorial secret. I dunno. Enjoy the enlightening vid of the “Dear Leader’. 

Video credit goes to TYT, check them out sometime. 

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